About Us

About Us

Shenzhen Kingjoin Automation Ltd. is a reliable provider of automated security systems. Started in 2014, the Shenzhen, Guangdong, China based manufacturer & exporter consistently delivers best-in-class security systems and pedestrian access control equipment to customers in China as well as other over 100 countries, like Europe, South America, Middle East, Africa, and Asia to name a few

Barrier gates offered in different kinds can be identified by the design, size and technical features like power, relative humidity, remote control distance, net weight, and speed. Each of the kind has different models that can be identified for arm type, max. arm type and opening time. These barrier gates have remote control, auto closing, and auto reversing function.

The company also provides security barrier for restricting the entry of unauthorized people. These security systems are basically designated at entry and exit points of any building or station, that efficiently control crowd passing through it. Tripod Turnstile Gates   is designed for smooth, stable, noise-free and maintenance free operation, as it has self-checking function, and DC brushless motor. Made from 304 stainless steel, all tripod turnstile Gates available have varied arm length, arm loading weight, passing speed. Flap barrier is an easy to operate and maintain machinery and electronic integrated structure that self detects malfunction and has cabinet composite structure, worm gear, and auto locking system. This system has an audible and visual alarm that triggers when some unauthorized person tries to get through it. The two flaps work synchronously with each other, and these auto close when power on, and open when the power off.


Tripod turnstile are designed for both, indoor and outdoor use. Security turnstiles and barriers are installed in places wherever there is a need for access control, like:
  • Office buildings
  • Shopping malls
  • Parking lots
  • Parks
  • Entertainment parks
  • Museums
  • Home yards
  • Public transport stations
  • Toll systems
Quality Control

The lifeline of Shenzhen Kingjoin Automation Ltd. is Quality. The company strives to achieve the goal of providing every customer with reliable and trustworthy products, every time. The employees of the company are working to win over global customers by focusing on delivering qualified products with an all-round service. The security systems are created to be approved against the requirements of ISO and CE. The global customers, who have dealt with the company and appreciated the range include, but are not limited to South Korea Securance, Mexico TPR, Cuba Centralizadora de Compras Internacional. S.A, Malaysia, M.A. Italy.
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Contact Us

No.87, Dongzong Rd, Pingshan, Longgang, Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518118, China
Phone :86-755-89935536